Introducing The Rarebreed Investor Community and Syndicate

McKeever "Mac" Conwell
2 min readJun 2, 2021

Ok, so it’s an angel syndicate. But, it is a syndicate where you can now invest in RareBreed founders along with us.

TL;DR: We are launching an angel syndicate to allow others to invest in the follow-on funding rounds of many of our portfolio companies. To be a part, join our new AngelList syndicate today

Why are we starting a syndicate?

Last September we officially launched RareBreed Ventures and started making investments in January. Since then we have made fifteen investments and already have six raising follow-on funding and one raising their second round of follow-on funding (all since January)

While this is awesome news for our fund performance with these markups, our fund isn’t large enough to make follow-on investments in every one of these amazing companies. That’s where you can come in. We will be using special purpose vehicles or SPVs to make follow-on / pro-rata investments in many of our portfolio companies. That means we are setting it up so that angel investors and other funds can make investments in our portfolio companies' follow-on funding rounds.

This is your opportunity to get in on companies we have already invested in and helped nurture to the point where these amazing founders are raising more capital to keep growing.

We will be presenting our first deal in the first week of June. It’s one of our best deals!

One important note, LPs get first dibs

The companies that will be shared with this syndicate are companies already in the RareBreed Ventures portfolio. That is why our current LPs will always get first access to every deal for a few days before it is opened up to the rest of the community. As managers of their capital, it is only right that we give them the first look.

To that point, at RareBreed Ventures we are still looking for amazing LPs to join our fund. We are in the process of raising a $10 million dollar fund and have 50% committed so far. If you would like to join as an LP and get a first look at our syndicate deals in the future, our minimum LP investment is 25K which can be paid over 2 years. All you have to do is go to and click on the button to “become an LP”.

The Basic Breakdown of the SPVs Terms

Min Investments: $1K

Carry: 20%

Fee: $8K (spread across all the investors in the SPV)

Platform: AngelList — (join today)

First Deal: A FinTech company with a diverse founder raising a seed+ round



McKeever "Mac" Conwell

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